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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My thoughts on the game

 This game is pretty great when I play it and I can't wait for Black Ops in November. At times this game gets me really mad and I know some people understand what I'm talking about with this game and what gets you angry about it. Really to me the only thing Infinity Ward did right was the graphics. Most of the times my gun bounces so badly I can't aim, or I get stuck on random stuff. But, I must admit no matter how much this game gets me angry I always go back to it. The gun selection is pretty nice, but after awhile they get repetitive, but it Black Ops it looks a more difficult to get guns since you'll need the rank and a certain amount of points to be able to use it whenever you want. Right now I'm practicing learning how to quick scope, not to easy when you have crappy perks and no attachments for the intervention. Right now all I have is Sleight of Hand Pro, and still working on getting the other ones for quick scoping. I wanted to show a great player in MW2 quick scoping. Check out this guy's channel for more great MW2 videos.